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'Yumitup' is a Start-up Company in Tiruppur , based on Natural Food Products. Yumitup focuses on healthier Choices promoting healthier lifestyle. We work with a larger number of individual farmers across Tiruppur , Sourcing fresh Milk, Eggs, vegetables ect; We in 'Yumitup' also Manufacture and Provide Organic Sugar based Flavourful Cotton Candies.

Yumitup is Constantly looking forward to bring in Healthy, Fresh and Natural Products into our farmshop to your doorstep. We also make sure that every single product from 'YUMITUP' is in its purest form and is given at its best with proper Hygiene practices. Besides that we are also happy to deliver Quality products to your door step on a daily basis with the same level of commitment Every Single Day!

Kannan Padhmanaban


I am Kannan Padhmanaban and I'm a young entrepreneur, also One of the founder's of a Startup company called 'Yumitup'. I am very much excited and proud to be a part of 'Yumitup' which provides Natural Products as best as possible to our customers. Yumitup is a start-up company which focuses in promoting Healthier lifestyle among People. Which made us take an initiative to deliver Fresh Cow milk ,Country chicken eggs and different varieties of Organic spinach at to your doorstep in a Hygienic manner. As Yumitup is a company which prefers Healthier options it doesn't mean that we compromise on taste, Inorder to satisfy People's cravings we have also introduced our Delicious Cotton Candies made with organic sugars which are extremely flavourful. I also make sure that every single product from yumitup is given with Good Care and commitment to our Customers.

Kannan Padhmanaban

Dhakshin Moorthy


I am a young entrepreneur, and one of the founders of 'Yumitup'. I have developed an interest in Starting this company, because I have always dreamt about giving Healthy and Natural products to my customers and that's how 'Yumitup' was started. Yumitup is a startup company which focuses more on the fresh cow milk, Country chicken eggs and a Organic spinach varities, which are to be provided at your doorstep at the best possible way to satisfy our customers needs.Yumitup doesn't stop there as we also have started to Manufacture Yummy Cotton candies with organic sugar infused with different flavours to enhance your taste buds.

Dhakshin Moorthy

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B-3, No.2/840, Ramapuram, Veerapandi, Tirupur, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, 641605

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